These clever Lo & Sons bags are focused on the traveller

Light, smart and convenient bags designed and built specifically for travel

As the world becomes increasingly globalised and we travel more frequently, it is essential to take a bag that meets all your requirements: functional, light and aesthetically pleasing.

As simple as this sounds, we’ve found that it’s rather difficult to locate the ideal travel bag. With this shared frustration, New York based Helen Lo and her two sons launched Lo & Son’s bags. There are already several options for women covering everything from small accessories to weekenders. However, the men’s range, which is the focus here, was more recently introduced and includes three bags: The Hanover, The Cambridge, and The Rhodes.

The Hanover is an eco-friendly backpack designed to bring ease to travel whilst on the move, making it super-easy to obtain essential items without having to open the entire backpack. The Hanover is made from recycled PET bottles and weighs only 1.75 lbs. It can store a 13″ laptop, has a detachable key lash and pockets for easy access for important smaller items such as passport or phone.

This video offers an indication of what you can store in The Hanover backpack.

The Cambridge is a briefcase travel bag, also ideal for work. An internal padded pocket protects a 15″ laptop. There is also a discreet side pocket for storing a pair of shoes or a handy umbrella (making it essential for the commute). The bag is made from a cotton/nylon blend tightly woven for extra strength and wax coated for water resistance.

The Rhodes is a duffle weekender bag with a smart design twist, where it’s expandable with side snaps or, in reverse, make it smaller for shorter trips. Other design features include a bottom compartment to store two pairs of shoes or toiletries to keep them separate from your clothes and front pockets to stash your essentials for easy access.

Each bag includes an adjustable sleeve so you can simply attach it to your roller bag handles, so no fumbling around with several bags in the airport.

All three bags are available immediately from the Lo & Sons website. The Hanover is $128, in onyx or black recycled poly,  The Cambridge is $248 in navy or black waxed twill, whilst The Rhodes is $348 and also available in navy or black waxed twill. Lo & Sons only ship within the United States and direct from the website.


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