BeoPlay launches the P2 Portable Speaker

Potentially most impressive travel speaker we’ve seen so far.

Danish audio manufacturer Bang & Olufsen has just released the latest speaker from their BeoPlay range, the P2. Sitting just below the existing A1 and even larger A2, the tiny portable speaker employs the same grille design, with a handheld leather carrying handle.

Size apart, the single biggest difference between the P2 and A1 is the lack of any controls, apart from a power socket. The P2 is controlled by the BeoPlay iOS/Android app or by shaking or tapping the device using these gestures to pause, skip or forward to the next track.

The P2 is tiny, but packs an impressive sound

What’s it sound like? For such as small device, it certainly packs a punch, with detailed clarity, although the low end bass is lacking, as you might expect in such a portable speaker. It uses the same mid-woofer as the A1, albeit with a tweaked anodized aluminium core, plus it has the A1’s tweeter. We still prefer the A1 over the P2, but the P2 is certainly a more portable and lighter unit. Ideal for taking on your travels.

The P2 also includes a handy built-in microphone with 360 degree uniform speech sensitivity, meaning you could use the device to hold a conference call, or for taking calls whilst you’re sitting on your sun lounger.  The device has a 10-hour battery life and charges through a regular USB-C cable. It’s splash resistant, making it ideal for listening to music around the pool.

Shipping immediately from the BeoPlay website, the P2 is available in Black, Sand Stone and Royal Blue, retailing for $169/€169/£149.


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