Next time you are on vacation, why not “Borrow a Boat”

Rent anything from a kayak through to a huge yacht for a week

The sharing economy is taking over everything these days. We have featured Airbnb and HomeAway, as well as Uber, Lyft and Coup in Berlin. So, if you’re planning on heading on vacation, there are plenty of options and various experiences you may not otherwise get if it wasn’t due to the sharing economy.

Now there is a very bizarre but interesting option if you wanted to take to the sea as it involves yachts! Borrow a Boat is being touted as the “Airbnb of the boating world”, with the company having launched their app earlier this summer.

Using Borrow a Boat means you can easily rent various styles of boat, choosing from a selection of 13,000 ranging from RIB’s to huge luxury yachts moored across 60 different countries. If you have the ability/license to sail/captain, the boat yourself you can do so and if you don’t you’ll be able to rent a captain or skipper who will make sure you are safe! whilst you simply relax and enjoy the experience.

Other things you can include in your rental depends on the boat size, but they include kayaks, paddle boards, jet skis and other water vessels. Borrow a Boat has been around in a website form since 2016.

We took a closer look at the new app.

When you open up the Borrow a Boat app it’s similar to other rental apps. You can search and filter for your perfect vessel depending on location, size, and a number of other options such as the add-ons like kayak’s paddle boards and so on. You can then message boat owners with questions and also keep in touch with them via the dedicated messaging app.

The app also enables you to save your favourite vessels in your Wishlist and you can then share that with your friends who may want to join you on your boating adventure! You can then book your boat online and pay using Borrow a Boat’s secure payment feature. Once you’ve booked you can keep tabs on your trip using the ‘trips’ menu option and you’ll be able to monitor other vital information such as the weather which is a tad more important when renting a boat versus a house!

Go check the Borrow a Boat website and download the app.


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