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Moves You Should Be Doing: The Overhead Squat

Start weight-free, master the move, then add a weight to your squat

By now you should be well versed in how to perform a back squat, front squat, kettlebell squat, but there are so many different variations! Have you ever tried an overhead squat?

The overhead squat can itself can be performed in a few different variations, so we’ll start at the beginning.

Overhead Squat. Click for the full exercise

Start standing tall with your arms outstretched overhead. Keeping your arms up, sit your hips back and down into a squat. Get your hips as low as you can whilst maintaining a straight back AND your arms directly up above your head. Once you’ve reached the bottom push back up through your feet, keeping your back straight and your chest up, until you reach standing again.

Repeat this for 8 – 10 repetitions and 3 sets.

We’d recommend starting with no weight as it can be a challenging move to balance whilst maintaining good depth.

To progress, hold a weight over your head. This could be a plate, a light bar or dumbbells. This can start being something small and then progress all the way up to a barbell. Whatever weight you move up to make sure your forms good before you do so, remember we recommend getting your form perfect with the weight you’re using before progressing up.

This move is not only for working your legs in a slightly different way to your conventional squat but for using your core to stabilise the weight above your head as well as your shoulders and back. It’s a great all-round body move which might just add that little bit of variety into your program you’ve been seeking.

Credit: Overhead Squat photo shoot at Stanza Fitness in Bath


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