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Moves You Should Be Doing: The Landmine Squat

Maybe the ideal squat for people with joint problems

With a lot of people struggling to perform a back squat with good form we’re always looking out for new ways to keep the same movement but in a more ‘user friendly’ way. The landmine squat is an excellent way to start firing a huge amount of muscle fibres but in an easier-to-perform move.

To perform a landmine squat you take a barbell and slot it into the landmine unit and hold the opposite end whilst stood straight up. If you don’t have access to a landmine unit then you can put the barbell into the corner of a room, using a towel of something to stop it scratching the wall.

Squat as low as possible holding the bar with two hands

Once you have the bar loaded, hold the bar in front of your chest with both hands, simply squat as low as possible and stand up whilst still holding the bar. This type of squat is easier to master and can allow a better technique than might be possible with a barbell on your back.

You can add weight to the bar to make the exercise more difficult. For beginners, we’d recommend starting with a bar with no weight to get used to the move.

To increase the intensity of the landmine squat you can add a box/bench, squat down until you reach the box and then explode back up using your legs. This will help reinforce the depth that you need to be getting with each rep, along with the making the option of pausing at the bottom of the rep (on the bench) easier.

The landmine squat can be particularly useful if you suffer from joint (especially knee) problems. Normally, knee problems when squatting occur from too much forward travel and the heels raising off the floor. However, because of the path the bar will travel during a landmine squat you have to keep your weight back, lower leg more upright and your torso upright too. Therefore, making it the perfect squat for people with joint problems.

Try out the landmine squat and see if it can help your training!


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Olly is the Short Motivation fitness and training advisor. He is a level-3 PT instructor, specialising in TRX and kettlebell instruction, and manages his own gym in the United Kingdom.