With Uber, patience could really be a virtue

Being prepared to wait for your ride might save you a few bucks

Like Airbnb, Uber is rarely out of the news. Whether it is their recent commercial featuring their new CEO trying to convince us they will do things differently or putting out press releases trying to come up with new and innovative ways to provide different products at different price points, such as Uber Express Pool, now they are testing another feature aimed at riders who are keen to save money and are in no rush to get to their destination.

The new ‘delayed journey’ pricing will simply enable you to find a cheaper fare if you’re willing to wait longer for a ride to arrive. When you open the Uber app, you will be given an option when you request that notifies you that prices are lower at a later time and you can either select to request now or for the later time and it will also display the price differences for the two times so you can see how much you are saving.

But, we’re talking minutes, not hours. Unless you want an Uber immediately, if you’re prepared to wait 15 minutes, you might find the price reduces. This is particularly applicable after a major event where a surge in requests will cause Uber pricing to rocket, primarily as there are so few cars in the area to respond. In the Uber test, the price difference for waiting a few minutes was $2, but this represented a saving of 20% compared to requesting an immediate ride.

Currently, the discounted fare based on delayed ride option is only available to employees in California but looks set to be released and tested elsewhere as Uber continue to try and bring about positive changes amidst security concerns and issues with their pricing such as having surge prices during disasters or state of emergencies.

An Uber spokesperson stated, “affordability is a top reason riders choose shared rides, and we’re internally experimenting with a way to save money in exchange for a later pickup”.

Elsewhere, Uber is also expanding its electric vehicle initiative in Austin, Texas. For the pilot program, EV drivers will know where they can charge their vehicles and also will be notified if they are taking longer journeys in order to monitor their battery levels to ensure they stay charged.

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