British Airways launches half price Avios flights promotion

Book your winter trip to Fort Lauderdale with only 16,250 Avios points and spend time in Miami

Flying using points. Some people either get it, or they don’t. Or they can’t be bothered to collect the points in the first place. We don’t understand this at all as there are a huge number of reasons why you should try and collect airline loyalty points.

Upgrades are one advantage. British Airways, as an example, will allow you a 1-step upgrade. Book World Traveller Plus (premium economy) and you can look for an upgrade to Club World (business class). And there’s a huge difference between the two, believe us. Club World offers a lie-flat bed, moveable TV screen, proper pillows and blankets (provided by The White Company), a 3-course meal and upgraded bar.

The point here is that by collecting Avios points, the loyalty reward system British Airways uses for it’s network, you can use your collated points to move from one level to another. World Traveller Plus to Club World is a good example.

Of course, there are various other ways you can use your points and one of these is to book your entire journey. Luckily for you, British Airways is offering a half-Avios deal for people wanting to fly to New York, Hong Kong and other long-haul destinations. As an example, if your return flight to New York required 26,000 Avios, as part of this promotion you’ll only require 14,000 to fly.

Sadly there are some caveats. The offer is for people flying from London Heathrow or Gatwick, to one of the 90 destinations available, and only between 1 September 2018 and 31 May 2019. You also need to book within the window of 17 June and 1 September, but no reason why you can’t book and move your flight at a later date (but within the promotional window).

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The other downside is that the offer is only available to World Traveller (economy) seats. You can also book a money + Avios flight (where you part pay and part use Avios points to get a discounted flight), but only the Avios part of the offer is discounted. You can also book a one-way ticket and obtain a discounted Avios booking.

If you look more closely at the terms and conditions, BA warns that availability might be near non-existent on certain flights included in the promotion, including those to Sydney, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, San Jose (Costa Rica), Grenada, Cancun, Lima and Male.

We’re also unsure if you can pay for an upgrade, later, on the same flight. Our assumption is you probably could (upgrade using money or Avios to World Traveller Plus), but this part would not be discounted and require a full compliment of Avios points to book (and that’s if there’s upgrade availability at all).

Go to the British Airways Reward Flight Sale promotional page, but remember that you can only book as from 17 June.


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