Make your trips picture perfect using PIXEO

Crowdsources publicly sourced information to show the best photo spots in any given area

We’ve all been there before. You travel to a new destination look up the best places to take photos only to show up and it doesn’t look like you expected, or there is a tonne of other tourists there and you really cannot get anything like you’ve researched online! How did they get that shot?

PIXEO enables you to find the best photo locations within your new destination

PIXEO is an app which sets out to solve this problem by crowdsourcing publicly sourced information to show the best photo spots in any given area. The way PIXEO works is by providing you with each locations photo gallery and also includes incredibly useful tips from several other photographers that have shot there before.

The app is a commercial app and costs $3 per month or $25 per year. You can use the free 30-day trial before you decide if you want to commit. Once you’ve decided and installed the app you just have to scout for locations. You can either search for a location or you can find pins by viewing via the map. Then you can save your pins. As it is a fairly recent app you wouldn’t expect there to be too many locations but they already have over 10,000 locations with more than 200 paid subscribers providing this information, so it’s growing fast.

Each location submitted is carefully vetted meaning you will not see any selfies or cat pictures when you’re exploring locations to shoot. When you view locations you will also see a detailed description, weather, photo gallery, distance away and also feedback from the photographer. PIXEO also offers pre-built categories so you can shoot according to your mood instead.

Other features include the ability to save your favourite locations to plan your photo outings or for when the lighting is going to be just right. You can also customise the image to make sure you are credited for the photos.

Get the PIXEO app (iOS only) from Downloadcrew, our sister technology website.


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