Could Hopper’s new “Secret Fares” save you hundreds on your flight?

Let’s face it, although many of us know where we want to travel, how we’re going to get there, who we are going to fly with and other details, we still want the best possible price for our journey. On top, if we can a business class upgrade for an affordable price, this makes the journey all the more pleasurable.

With this in mind, Hopper is an app which we’ve previously covered which is designed to you save money by tracking your saved dates to inform you of deals based on historical prices: simple put, when to buy your ticket for your next flight. It also notifies you whether the prices are likely to drop or are about to rise. The app will then notify you should buy or not at that specific moment.

Hopper can also let you know if other dates are better for your destinations, or better yet, if there is a nearby airport for you to save money on by flying. For example, fly in to Milan and you have a choice or airports and it might save you a fair few EURs, even if this requires taking the train in to the city.

Hopper has launched “Secret Fares” and partnered with five airlines to offer fares which they claim are up to 35 percent cheaper than anywhere else, including the airlines own website. These fares are a new product offered by Hopper and claim to be offering 60,000 nonstop and indirect itineraries. Hopper also add that the Secret Fares will save consumers up to $500 on long-haul flights.

Hopper will guide you and save you money on your next flight

This is already big competition for metasearch sites and the fares will only be available on Hopper. Airlines will simply post the available fares/routes to Hopper and they can then offer it directly and exclusively to users of the app. This is specifically useful to Hopper given how they operate, with the main percentage of users using the app for a long term fare watch for specific routes and Hopper sending out notifications when the app thinks they should buy.

So in addition to Air Canada, LATAM, Turkish Airlines, Copa and Air China another 7 airlines have signed up to be featured on “Secret Fares”. We’re particularly excited about this as we fly a lot of long haul a number of times through the year and with 25 million users of the app and collectively 60 million trips booked collectively, we can only see the popularity of this app increasing.

We recommend you go download Hopper immediately.



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