Inflighto is an app that enables you to pinpoint famous landmarks, mid-flight

You know the score, you’re flying over a famous landmark and trying to strain your neck to see where it’s located, only to find you’ve either missed it or it was on the other side of the plane.

You could keep one eye on the flight tracker. That gives you live information on where your plane is located. But, let’s face it here, most of us are busy watching a movie on the in-flight entertainment and, at best, the tracker contains basic information such as flight speed, distance to destination and route detail. What it doesn’t list are key landmarks you might be able to see on the flight.

That’s where the Inflighto app comes in to play. What Inflighto does is use your location to list what’s directly below you, during the flight, on your smartphone. It uses the same tracking technology your plane uses but shows far more detail about your current flight and some of the information your pilot will view which isn’t listed on your seat tracker.

As an example, Inflighto even lists current weather and shows cloud formations in front of your route, so you can determine yourself when you are likely to suffer from turbulence (although, in our experience, pilots often tell you long before it hits the plane, anyhow).

To make the entire process a social event, Inflighto even gives you a flight chatroom which enables you to discuss the flight with other passengers. You can use this to point out sights to see below if your gate has changed on arrival or other key information.

But, here’s the huge problem. Inflighto needs a constant connection, meaning you need to rely on the flight wifi and we all know that this can be both expensive and inconsistent. Still, if your flight offers a free basic wifi connection and you want a new flight experience, maybe you should take Inflighto on your next journey.

Inflighto is free as a Basic edition with a 2-minute tracking delay. The “Premium Economy” version includes live tracking, whilst the more expensive “Business” upgrade offers the live weather feature. Both options remove the advertising from the Basic edition.

Download Inflighto.


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