Melbourne is the world’s most liveable city in 2017

Everyone will have differing views on the most liveable city. Indeed, there are parts of certain cities which are far more liveable than others and those areas might be based on the cost of living. Wimbledon in London is both beautiful and quaint, but you need to super-rich to live there, ruling out the majority.

The Economist Intelligence Unit has released its “Most Liveable City” list for 2017. Top of the list is Melbourne, receiving a huge score of 97.5 out of 100. For the seventh year in a row. And we’ve never been, although it’s on the Short Motivation “We Want To Visit” list for 2018.

So, what places Melbourne at the top of the list? A lack of terror incidents (as it’s hindered other cities), as is the fact that it’s never experienced war. It also has a relatively low population density and isn’t an obvious tourist destination, meaning it’s relatively easy to get around and enjoy. You also will find a low crime rate and a world-class health system.

The other cities in the top ten include Vancouver, Toronto, Auckland and Vienna. Cities you’d always expect to be high up the list. Rising stars include Reykjavik which has jumped 13 places from 50 to 37. On the flip side, Stockholm, which you’d expect to be close to the top, has dropped to 26. Manchester is the most liveable UK city, sitting in a lowly 51st place.

Download the full report on the Economist website.


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