Have we found the coolest pre-flight airport lounge?

Travelling can be very frustrating. Long queues, flight delays, luggage lost, flights cancelled once you get to the airport. At some point, it will happen to all of us. To make the entire process more relaxing, taking some pre-flight “me time” at an airport lounge is recommended. Pick the right lounge and sometimes it’s difficult to leave and step on your packed flight.

However, as we’ve found, some lounges are better than others, with food rather than snacks, spa facilities to refresh or day beds where you can grab some rest before your next flight.

Well, we think we’ve found one of the best lounges in the world (for one important reason). The lounge at Punta Cana International Airport in the Dominican Republic is about to take a pre-flight experience to the next level. From December 2017, travellers with the right access will be able to enjoy some sun and an outdoor swimming pool.

The pool will be part of a brand new VIP lounge which is designed by a local Dominican architect. This will be an extension to the current 2 lounges available at the airport. It is still unclear which airlines the lounge will serve or whether it will be available at a day rate. We know if we are ever there, it would definitely be worth leaving early to get to the airport with plenty of time so we can relax by the pool.

Best of all, you can view the action from your pool lounger as the pool is right in front of the boarding area (seriously).

The pool is likely to be available to Priority Pass holders, as the current two lounges in Terminals A and B are currently part of the Priority Pass network.




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