COUP, a new way to get around the city

With the Shareconomy market going from strength to strength with apps such as Uber, Lyft, AirBnB and HomeAway, there are always new companies cropping up, good and bad to try their hand at increasing our convenience, while also making sure it comes at an affordable cost. Recently, another brand launched in Berlin and is expanding to Paris.

COUP, is an eScooter sharing app. For those familiar with city bike sharing schemes such as Citi Bike in New York or Santander Bikes in London will understand how easy it is to use. COUP’s main difference, of course, is the electric motor, so you’ll be able to get around much quicker than on a bicycle.

It’s super easy to use, you download the app and use that as your key wherever you go. Once you’ve downloaded the app you can get your drivers license validated quickly. Then all you have to do is either tap and go, or you can also book your eScooter in advance. As you are on an electric scooter, every bike station within the city is within reach.

The eScooters are available 24/7 and are always fully charged. You can easily beat the commute in a cab or public transport. What we like the most about COUP if the pricing. It’s super simple and affordable. Each ride up to 30 minutes is 3€ and every 10 minutes after that is 1€. There is also an automated tariff system if you use the eScooters a lot, so you pay no more than 20€ during daylight hours (7am-7pm) and 10€ between 7pm and 7 am

We’re looking forward to COUP expanding so we can try a different mode of transport around town.



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