Smart luggage designers Bluesmart announce Series 2

Brand new collection of four products, available for pre-order now

Bluesmart designed the first smart travel luggage and sold over 40,000 from their first series. The smart travel luggage collection can charge your devices on the move and contains a whole host of other smart technological features to make your trip easier. With the launch of Series 2, Bluesmart has widened their collection and we are impressed enough to consider our own pre-order.

Series 2 is a four-piece collection supplied in varies sizes, colours, but all with enhanced technology. The largest is a 29″ checked luggage bag with a generous 80 litre capacity. Next is the 22″ cabin carry-on luggage with 38″ litre capacity. The remaining two items consist of a laptop bag and passport holder.

With the carry-on and hold bags, there is the option to charge your electronic devices (including a laptop), a digital auto lock and even a weight sensor which can be synced to the airline you’re flying with, so you’ll never be over their bag weight capacity! The laptop bag features a supercharger and distance alert so it will never be too far from your position and you can also track it using Bluetooth. The same technology is applied to the passport pouch, so you can keep your vital belongings close.

To get hold of these bags, you have to participate in Bluesmart’s crowdfunding page on Indiegogo, which finishes at the end of July, so hurry! There are a range of options from under $100 for the passport pouch or $800+ which will secure you the entire collection of bags. Frankly, for what you receive in return, this is an unfathomable price compare to competitors and is seriously recommended.

For further information, head to the Bluesmart website.


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