Take heed on World Environment Day and consider a reusable lunch box from Black+Blum

Do your bit for the planet and use a reusable water bottle

Today, the 5th of June, is, or was, World Environment Day and this got us thinking at Short Motivation.  It’s hard to contemplate the sheer amount of waste we trawl through when we’re casually grabbing our usual lunchtime salad box or heading to the nearest coffee shop to purchase a takeaway coffee. Although these takeaway items are made from cardboard, the fact they are covered in thin plastic layer or simply dirty from your lunch, makes them difficult to impossible to successfully recycle, even though we take care to throw our cardboard coffee cup in the correct recycling section when we’re back in the office.

Away from the office, and in our downtime, we like to do a lot of trekking and we’ve been researching what we (and everyone else) can do to treat our environment with respect, whilst hitting the trails and enjoying nature. It’s too easy to load your rucksack with mineral water purchased in quantity from the local supermarket.

Take a reusable water bottle rather than purchasing and dumping plastic bottles

22 billion bottles are discarded around the world each year. How do we combat this? One solution is to migrate to a reusable water bottle. One example is Eau Good by Black+Blum, which is an iconic water filter bottle, reusable, refillable and available as a BPA-free plastic or glass bottle. Designed for on-the-go hydration, the bottles use an active binchotan charcoal to absorb any impurities such as chlorine, but release minerals back into your tap water, making it an ideal alternative from buying a new plastic bottle every time you want water for the gym. Plus you’re saving both the planet and your pocket.

Instead of buying your salad from a cardboard box every day, an alternative option is to take a Black+Blum’s Box Appetit lunch box and demand that they fill it for you, citing you’re saving the environment. Of course, you can use the same lunch box to create your own healthy lunches in advance, by following one of the many Short Motivation recipes.

These reusable lunch boxes contain multiple inner sections

The Black+Blum range of lunch boxes are water tight and made from BPA-free materials. Although you can purchase a standard rectangle lunch box, the Box Appetit line utilises an inner dish for food separation which can even be removed and microwaved if you need to warm your food. Other highlights include a sauce pot where you can store your sauce or salad dressing and a fork/knife hybrid ‘fife’ to allow you to eat easily on the go with just one hand.

The Eau Good bottle in plastic is available in six colours for $19.95/£19.99. The Eau Good bottle in glass is also listed in six colours for $34.95/£25.95. Box Appetit is available for $24.95/£19.95. Head to the Black+Blum website for more information.


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