Lyft introduces Premier, Lux and Lux SUV options

Lyft introduces a premium service with improved cars for a more luxurious experience

Lyft, the taxi-on-demand service, who recently partnered with Google to drive competition against Uber’s self-driving project, has launched a premium high-end service from their app. The premium service (consisting of Premier, Lux and Lux SUV) is similar to Uber’s Exec, Lux and SUV options offering luxury or larger car options for your trip. The new service will launch with gradual rollout within five U.S cities (Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and San Jose).

To be eligible for the premium level, drivers must have cars which are from 2011 or later, black (the only colour option), leather or leather-like seating and if you’re in the Lux SUV, the car must be able to easily seat 6 riders. Lyft has gone further and made available a specific list of car manufacturers and models which qualify for being Premier Lux or Lux SUV.

To qualify for the premium-level, there is a slightly stricter set of requirements Lyft Drivers, such as retaining a minimum rating of 4.7 or above. Current drivers can now configure their cars so they only appear within the Premier, Lux or Lux SUV categories when riders make their request.

Lux and Lux SUV will result in higher fares, thus priced accordingly for the rider. With Uber securing a large percentage of their riders using their premium options, the new premium-level options provide competition across the industry. Combine this with other offers such as being able to earn Delta Skymiles on your rides and offering a built in option to tip drivers, Lyft is starting to differentiate itself from Uber.

For more information on the cities where Lyft operates, the new premium-level service and the new Delta Skymiles option, head to the Lyft website.


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