Has Cotopaxi developed the ultimate backpack?

Disrupting the travel bag business with a range of universal backpacks

We are constantly on the move, along with our technology, therefore we need something sturdy and well-designed to keep our belongings safe and conveniently close to us. Preferably a bag that is sturdy and can cope with the extremes of life. That’s quite a long list of requirements. Cotopaxi has the answer for every occasion and has recently crowdsourced enough money for the Ultimate Adventure Travel Pack: Allpa 35L.

The Coban backpack

Cotopaxi is a disruptive adventure gear company specifically focused on bags and their angle is focused on the ‘good’, encompassing good design, supply, deeds and stoke (competition between friends). Cotopaxi try and do things differently such as using leftover fabrics or other inventive approaches when designing their product. They aim to create create lasting relationships with suppliers in developing countries to get the most out of their employees, in a fair manner, whilst creating the most innovative products.

The deeds are focused around giving back to the community and each year they provide grants to non profits aimed at helping to eradicate world poverty. Stoke refers to their ‘Questival Adventure Races’ in many cities where you and a group of friends tackle challenges that will push you with the help of Cotopaxi gear. Each bag comes with a 61 year guarantee. Why 61? Because 61 is the average life expectancy in the developing world. Poignant.

Cotopaxi’s backpacks range from hiking backpacks for exploring deep in the countryside to their lifestyle bags which work perfect for hauling your supplies of whether you’re heading to work or school. One unique bag is the Luzon Del Dia, designed by Cotopaxi’s Filipino workforce and where no bag is alike.

For a more day-to-day backpack the Coban is a sleek bag with a main compartment, a sleeve for a 15” laptop and is made out of hardwearing nylon and polyester. Another of our favourites is the Nazca travel pack, designed specifically with airline travel in mind. This backpack stores laptops, clothes and essentials, perfect for overnight/weekend trips. It utilises suitcase-style featues including large internal storage department and a separate padded laptop sleeve to secure your computer for your trip away. You are also able to tuck-away the backpack straps and includes a lined front pocket to keep electronics/sunglasses safe.

The Nazca is shown in the video below.

Cotopaxi tick a lot of boxes when it we look at choosing a backpack. They’re innovative with design, looking after suppliers and continue to innovate. Their upcoming backpack, the Ultimate Adventure Travel Pack – Allpa, seems very exciting, with a particular focus on adventure travel, as the name would suggest. We’re aiming to get hold of a travel bag in the near future, so watch this space.

The Cotopaxi bags start at $59.95 for the Coban and are available from the Cotopaxi website.


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