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We Want To Visit Sydney

Australia. A destination most people want to make a priority and Sydney is high up on the wish list. Situated on an iconic harbour, with those famous Opera House views, the city has nature on its door step, plenty of restaurants and new hotels popping up all over the city. It is also home to some of the world’s best beaches, attracting a surf crowd, sun worshippers and people who like to workout along the coast.

With almost all-year sunny weather, plenty to see, activities to undertake and places to visit, Sydney is a destination we intend to visit.

We want to stay at the Old Clare Hotel:

Set in an old brewery in the Chippendale district of Sydney. A once industrial neighbourhood is slowly becoming hip like its neighbouring suburbs and the The Old Clare Hotel is right at the centre of it. It is located around 5 minutes drive/public transport to the city centre and a two minute walk to the central station. The old style of the brewery is restored as much as possible and the hotel features a rooftop pool to soak in all the sun Sydney has to offer, many lounging areas to relax and several restaurants and bars.

We want to eat and drink at Monopole and Skittles Lane:

Sydney’s restaurant scene is booming and there is a plethora of places to chose from. Our primary choice is the Monopole at Potts Point. It’s in keeping with the industrial chic style of the hotel, Monopole serves hundreds of wines and drinks but as usual for us is the food. It serves an a la carte menu but also has a tasting menu consisting of 7 dishes and, if you want, you can also pair these with recommended wines.

For a daily caffeine hit Sydney also has you covered. Without entering into an argument of which country invented the flat white, it is fair to say the options are plenty. Close to the hotel you’ll find Toby’s Estate coffee roasters. However, one in particular we’d like to try is Skittle Lane, right in the centre of Sydney, with coffee in high regard and also a great space to sit down and crack on with some work!

We want to workout at the Beach:

While Sydney has plenty of gyms to enjoy a daily workout, in this city with this climate we’d be foolish not to try one of their workout spots on the beach such as Prince Alfred Park, or even better, one of the beach workout spots. Such as Clovelly Beach Outdoor Gym or Maroubra Beach Outdoor Gym.

We want to visit:

Alongside the hip industrial chic options, we’d love to get down to the harbour to witness the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge alongside learning to surf at Bondi beach and experience the natural walks around Manly.

 Are you an Australian and would love to tell us about Sydney? Have you been to Sydney? What locations would you recommend we visit? We’d love your feedback. Let us know in the comments below.


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