Wacaco announces Nanopresso for 2017 launch

Company’s smallest portable espresso machine is due to arrive in June

Wacaco, the geniuses behind the Minipresso portable coffee maker, has announced its successor, the Nanopresso. The sleeker and smaller device will arrive in June 2017, and provides a definite upgrade on the company’s previous wizardry.

Nanopresso might be smaller than its predecessor, but it manages to hold even more water inside (80ml). It’s had a complete internal redesign, that includes 95% new parts that make it lighter, and thanks to customer feedback on the Minipresso, it’s now a lot also easier to clean after use.

Rather than suffer the tasteless ‘hot brown’ that you usually find on the high street, the Nanopresso delivers exceptional espressos on-the-go every time. All you need to do is pack in your favourite ground coffee using the scoop/tamper that’s built in, load it up with some hot water and this mini barista will deliver a premium brew in minutes either at the gym, beach or after a long hike – like we did recently.

The Nanopresso is available to pre-order at a special price of $59 (with free worldwide shipping) rather than the June launch price of $69. Before launch, only the dark grey version will be available. A gold edition will be available later.  The Nanopresso will require ground coffee and not capsules.

For more information on the Nanopresso, and for details about how you can pre-order yours, please visit


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