Find your AirPods with the latest Apple iOS update

In a move that’s sure to delight forgetful AirPod owners, Apple has released an update that will help locate your wireless earphones. The 10.3 iOS update adds a Find My AirPods option onto your iPhone/iPad to aid your search for the lost hardware and save you an eye-watering £159 to replace them.

The feature can be found within the Find My iPhone option on your iOS device or through the website. A map will appear and pinpoint the location of where your precious AirPods are located. If you’re still struggling to find them in your home, at work or at the office, you can make the AirPods emit a loud chirping sound to assist in their rescue.

However, Find My AirPods is limited. For example, if your AirPods aren’t already connected to your device then the feature can only mark the last known location. If your AirPods aren’t switched on, and haven’t been for a few days then the app can’t help.

Other drawbacks include the fact you can’t relocate the charge case this way, just the AirPods, and if they’re tucked inside said case, the chirping sound aid doesn’t work. Our advice? Guard those little white buds as though they were your children.


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