Compostable coffee capsules are the guilt-free way to enjoy your caffeine on-the-go

Thanks to the Wacaco Minipresso and similar portable coffee makers, serving up the perfect espresso while out and about has never been easier. Slap in a capsule, wait a few minutes, and – bang – one piping hot hit of caffeine is ready for consumption.

But that tasty coffee comes at a hidden price – not for your wallet, but on the environment. See, the plastic that contains the goodness is by and large non-degradable, which means millions of them are clogging up landfill sites the world over.

However, thanks to the environmentally conscious coffee houses, compostable capsules are coming to market to serve up your guilt-free beverage.

Pioneers such as Colonna Coffee from Bath, are leading the charge to help the environment. By using degradable materials for its capsules you get the same great taste and none of the blame on every cup.

The compostable stamp is only approved for materials that disappear from view within 84 days and be completely gone within 180 days. So why aren’t all coffee companies using this method? Well, its because the production costs go up for something that isn’t mass produced. And while some big brands, such as Wolfgang Puck say they won’t force the shortfall on the consumer, independents will charge an extra few pennies per capsule to cover the costs. But it’s a small price to pay for something so environmentally positive.

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