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BeoPlay launches the P2 Portable Speaker

Danish audio manufacturer Bang & Olufsen has just released the latest speaker from their BeoPlay range, the P2. Sitting just below the existing A1 and even larger A2, the tiny portable speaker employs the same grille design, with a handheld leather carrying handle.

Where we have been
New York. The City That Never Sleeps

New York, the city that never sleeps. It’s one of the most exciting places in the world and a city which oozes excitement, energy and diversity. It can be intimidating walking amongst all the high rises as you walk around the Manhattan district, but if you drift away from the tourist heavy areas (and especially Times Square) you’ll find friendly locals, plenty of unique places to shop, grab a bite and enjoy a coffee.

Fats and Oils

First things first, good fats are vitally important to our health – fact! Gone are the days when we need to be scared of consuming fats for fear of piling on the pounds. Eat the right fats every day and you’ll nourish your skin, improve cognitive function, protect your heart, balance hormones, plus you’ll feel fuller for longer.

App Review: Turo

With the emergence and surge in popularity of apps such as Airbnb, Uber and Lyft, it could be suggested that there’s a social transition to a sharing economy. Through Airbnb, you can share your house (or rent someone’s house) instead of a hotel, whereas Uber and Lyft enables a user to share a car or hire someone’s car. But what if you’re looking for a solution to replace the cost of commercial car hire? Enter Turo.

App Review: Waze

Navigation apps are a dime a dozen, with many simply sitting on top of Apple Maps or Google Maps. However, there’s a very effective alternative out there – Waze. The tagline for Waze sums up the app with a simple message: outsmarting traffic, together.

Where we want to go
We want to visit Copenhagen

Denmark and Copenhagen are regularly voted the happiest country and city, respectively. The Scandinavian city is widely considered the epitome of cool, with the city and Danish design regularly featured across Instagram.

Spiced Beef Mince and Pea Curry

This curry, traditionally known as Kheema, is really easy, tasty and comforting. Full of anti-inflammatory vegetables and spices, nourishing and fat-burning coconut milk and rich in protein.

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