Training: Simple Steps Workout

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Level: Beginner
Time: 45 minutes

If there’s one thing Short Motivation will encourage you to do, try and get outside and use the environment whilst exercising. With this in mind, regular steps can be used to provide an excellent heart-raising workout.

Most homes have indoor and/or outside steps and these provide a really good tool to get yourself fit within the comfort of your own home. Alternatively, there are outdoor locations which might be suitable to perform the workout such as your local park. Just remember to make sure the environment is safe and unobstructed to reduce the risk of injury.

All of the following exercises can be made easier by taking rest periods between some of the reps or slowing down the movement speed. They can also be made more difficult and complex with a small number of changes to tempo and movement.

Before you start, perform 4 minutes walking up and down the steps, increasing the speed as a warm up. After this, you are ready to launch in to our steps workout.

If are are unsure about some of the terms used in this article, it’s worth having a quick read through our Glossary of Terms before you get started with your workout.

Jumps To Wide Stance. Click for full exercise


Jumps To Wide Stance

Perform two footed jumps, keeping the foot stance wide, walk back down the steps. Perform 3 times.

Target: 5 jump steps (beginner), 8 jump steps (intermediate), 12 jump steps (advanced)

Step Touches. Click for full exercise


Step Touches

Stand on the floor and touch your toes onto the bottom step alternately as fast as possible. Repeat 3 times. Rest 10 seconds between rounds.

Target: 20 seconds (beginner), 30 seconds (intermediate), 50 seconds (advanced)

Step Sprints. Click for full exercise


Step Sprints

Sprint up the stairs, walk back down slowly, using this as your recovery period. Try 5 rounds.

Target: 20 steps (beginner), 30 steps (intermediate), 50 steps (advanced)

Incline Press-Ups. Click for full exercise.


Incline Press-Ups

Stand on the floor and place hands on steps straight in front of your chest, keeping your spine neutral lower your body as close to the steps as possible and push up to fully extended elbows. Repeat 3 times. Rest 10 seconds between rounds.

Target: 20 seconds (beginner), 30 seconds (intermediate), 50 seconds (advanced)

Step Lunges. Click for full exercise.


Step Lunges

Climb steps by lunging 2 steps at a time with a 1 second hold at the bottom of the lunge, walk back down. Repeat 3 times.

Target: 5 lunges per leg (beginner), 8 lunges per leg (intermediate), 12 lunges per leg (advanced)

Triceps Dips. Click for full exercise


Triceps Dips

Face away from the step with both hands flat on the bottom step. Straighten legs out in front for move advanced or bent to make it easier, bend the elbows to lower your body towards to floor until there is a 90 degree angle at your elbows. Push back up to the starting position. Repeat 3 times. Rest 10 seconds between rounds.

Target: 20 seconds (beginner), 30 seconds (intermediate), 50 seconds (advanced)

Split Squats. Click for full exercise


Split Squats

Stand facing away from the steps, place one leg back on the second step and the other in a forwards lunge. Then squat down and forwards slightly so your front knee moves over your toe. Repeat 2 times, 20 seconds rest between rounds.

Target: 20 seconds per leg (beginner), 30 seconds per leg (intermediate), 50 seconds per leg (advanced)

Single Leg Hop. Click for full exercise


Single Leg Hop

Hop on one leg up the steps and jog back down. Switch leg and repeat.

Target: 4 steps per leg (beginner), 6 steps per leg (intermediate), 10 steps per leg (advanced)

After finishing, keep moving by walking up and down the stairs again for 3 minutes to cool down.

You can just do one circuit of the workout if you’re pushed for time and need a quick workout, or try and complete more circuits to increase the fat burning. This is great for using the resources available to you and proves that with very little equipment you can have a great workout.

If you’re in need of a finishing exercise, try ramping up the fat burning by completing this at the very end: standing at the bottom of the steps run up one step and then run backwards down to the floor. Then run to the second step and then backwards to the floor. Repeat all the way up the stairs to really ignite the fat cells and finish off your workout.


About Author

Olly is the Short Motivation fitness and training advisor. He is a level-3 PT instructor, specialising in TRX and kettlebell instruction, and manages his own gym in the United Kingdom.