App Review: Wolfram Sun Exposure

No need to worry about being overcooked on the beach ever again


Manufacturer: Wolfram
Review Version: 1.2
Price: Free
Platform: iOS

We all love the idea of topping up our tans and strutting down the beach like a bronzed Adonis, but there are very serious risks with sun bathing. Too much time under harmful UV rays can cause burning, and even worse, skin cancer. Wolfram Sun Exposure is your beach-side saviour.

Basically, it works by calculating the UV rays on any given day at any location across the world. By entering your skin tone and the factor of the suntan lotion you’re about to use, the app will tell you how long you should spend baking. It will also breakdown the times of sunburn depending on higher factor lotions too, so you have a clear picture of how to stay safe.

What we assumed was a good amount of time to soak in some rays in Dubai, was actually way over the safe limit.

The wizardry behind this comes from the scientific minds of Wolfram Alpha – a computational research system that crunches data to the most accurate outcome. In short, you can trust the results to stop you from burning to a crisp, and top up your tan safely.

It seems like a no-brainer, but using the app has made us more cautious when it comes to sun-worshipping. What we assumed was a good amount of time to soak in some rays in Dubai, was actually over the safe limit. If nothing else, Wolfram Sun Exposure will make you think twice about your sun safety.


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