App Review: Kayak

An award-winning app that completely takes care of your travel plans


Manufacturer: Kayak
Review Version: 53.0
Price: Free
Platform: iOS, Android

Take a few minutes to flick through Kayak and it’s easy to see why both Google and Apple list it as an essential. It’s the all-in-one app for booking and planning your next overseas trip.

Kayak acts as a travel agent that seeks out the best deals on the best flights and hotels, and can update you with daily notifications with price updates. It also breaks down the estimated times you’ll be waiting at the airport and includes a nifty feature where group trips can be accessed by multiple users to decide on things without the need to meet-up.

It’s the all-in-one app for booking and planning your next overseas trip.

Instead of sifting through multiple paper printouts, Kayak will store your itinerary and booking confirmation details in the app, which is brilliantly available offline. As well as pointing out restaurants and toilets in airports too, it can also point you in the direction of those much-needed charge points to give your phone some extra juice.

There’s real-time flight tracking, daily deal alerts and everything else you could possible need for your trip. Kayak sets the template for all the others that follows.


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