App Review: Paleo Plate

Ditch the processed foods and go back to eating like a caveman.


Manufacturer:Burleigh Creative Pty Ltd
Price: Free
Platform: iOS, Android

A Paleo diet is something you’ve probably heard about, but have no idea about what food it includes. Enter Paleo Plate – a genius app that comes with a selection of straightforward recipes that will unleash your inner Neanderthal.

While introducing you to over 150 delicious recipes, Paleo Plate also gives you the knowledge about what you can and can’t eat when it comes to the diet. Essentially, it will steer you clear of frozen pizzas, chips and any other processed junk to keep you fit, healthy and mentally strong.

Paleo Plate has a whole host of accompanying pictures to leave you salivating

What’s great about Paleo Plate is that the recipes cover meals for the whole day. It’s split into categories such as breakfast, pork, fish and beef, but also covers those off-piste snacks and even desserts such as mint choc ice-cream, which are both delicious and healthy. You can even quickly share your latest creation on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and boast about your new found culinary skills and creations.

With a heavy focus on visual stylings to whet your appetite, Paleo Plate has a whole host of accompanying pictures to leave you salivating. Healthy food has never looked so appetising or ever tasted so good. And thanks to the easy to follow instructions that includes approximate times to prepare and recommended serving sizes, Paleo Plate will quickly turn you into a superstar in the kitchen.


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