App Review: Maplets

Maps on the go without biting into your data usage.


Manufacturer: Maplets
Price: iOS $2.99, Android $2.99
Platform: iOSAndroid

A pet-peeve of any sight-seeing tour in a new place is the amount of data that’s gobbled up by maps that use GPS. Unless you’re a) strapped to wi-fi constantly or b) care-free about roaming charges, finding your way around can be costly, but Maplets is the cost-effective answer. The app downloads and stores thousands of maps from around the world and allows you to browse them offline.

Not only does Maplets allow you to zoom-in and check out locations as it harvest the Google Maps data, it also gives you access to tube, metro and bus systems from some of the busiest cities in the world including New York, London and Paris. It also contains handy maps for ski resorts so you know where the best runs are, national parks and the key areas you should visit and even theme parks so you needn’t worry about picking up a giant fold-out map. And all this at no extra charge through your smartphone.

By plugging everything into the app, you no longer have to worry about having a bag full of print outs as you’ll have it all on your phone

Maplets is also a community-focused app that allows users to share points of interest and even trials for folk to follow. People can upload unique routes, tours and even trails for others to check out and really get the most out of their trip. Sure, there isn’t a free version to help yourself to, but at a paltry cost ($2.99), you’ll easily save this in data charges, which make Maplets hard to resist.


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