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App Review: Citymapper

Citymapper is a city-wide route-planning app which provides a comprehensive list of options for your route, taking you from A to B using your mobile connection to navigate through to your destination.

The app homepage displays a small map of your location including an inset tube map. From your current location you can view travel options within 5 minutes walk. If you select to walk or cycle, Citymapper will tell you how many calories you will burn and the equivalent in food. e.g. half a chocolate bar or one bacon butty

No-Bake Nutty Protein Bars

These protein bars make a great pick me up snack that will also fill you up and keep your blood sugar levels balanced between meals or after exercise. And even better, they are incredibly easy to make – no cooking involved!


A compact walkable city, great hotels, superb food, good coffee and welcoming locals, isn’t it time to make Lisbon your favourite European destination?

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