From secret beaches to cool bars, why Majorca should be on your weekend radar

Think of the Balearic islands and you automatically imagine a clubbing holiday, stag weekend with the lads or something similar. More club 18-30 than what you'd really find across the islands, which prove to be a great destination for a long weekend to take in some sun, enjoy beaches and incredible cuisine.

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Frescobol Carioca unveils Jardim Bôtanico Spring/Summer 2017 collection

Frescobol Carioca has revealed its upcoming Jardim Bôtanico Spring/Summer 2017 collection. With designs based on the Brazilian protected park of the same name that lies at the foot of the Corcovado Mountain, the latest swimshorts are delivered in a range of leafy prints and styles to make you stand out on the beach.

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A Long Weekend In Rhodes

You live in Northern Europe. It’s October, it’s getting wet, cold and grey. What do you do? Fear not, you still have opportunities to get great sunshine, beaches and relaxation. One great option is Rhodes. Lined with miles of beaches, a mountainous centre and plenty of history including old crusader castles, churches and medieval towns with over half the year covered in sun.

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The best chest move you aren’t doing

Doing endless press-ups without any visible improvements to your pec dance? Blame biology, not your genetics. Your pectoral muscles’ main purpose is adduction of the shoulder – bringing your upper arm inward towards your body, like you do when you hit a forehand in tennis – so pushing/pressing movements aren’t terribly effective at targeting them.

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The best bit of training kit in your bathroom

Pop quiz, hotshot: what’s the best bit of training kit that everyone has in their house? No: it’s not cans of soup, which only work for curls if you’ve got the arm strength of an inactive toddler. It’s not even bottles of water, though they’re a better bet, or crates of booze – they’re handy for squatting, but at some point you’ll end up drinking them. Nope: to add variety (and function) to your home workout, your best bet’s

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The best ab move you still aren’t doing

If you’ve been paying attention to developments in six-pack science over the last half-decade, you already know that situps are on the way out: curling your spine dozens of times isn’t necessarily the best plan for lower-back health, and it’s not really training your core to do what it’s designed for (helping you stay stable in any conditions) anyway.

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